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  • Effective Search Strategies to Help You Attract and Keep Users

    Published: 2018-07-23 15:31:46 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    We always know how to make our website or our apps unstandable and friendly to both search engine and visitors with traditional SEO ways. But it's a time when consumers search comes from different places than ever before. What new strategy can we apply to our brand so as to deliver a great experience? Follow the best apple store ranking agency to reveal the useful methods. 

    The reality is that we are almost entering into a mobile search world and search is embedded within a range of home devices and smartphones. You can reach your target or goals by various forms like voice, image and text. Taken all that into consideration, you need increase app store rankings by trying more creative ways.

    Be Discoverable 
    According to Google, 75 percent of smartphone owners turn to search first to address their immediate needs, so we can conclude that search is a vital component of this process. This suggests that search serves immediate needs, but the wider picture is more complex still. 

    - Create a finely tunned website:
    Try your best to avoid some program errors by checking your website seriously with some professional tools.  Without this ongoing work, search engines simply cannot crawl and index content effectively. 

    - Optimize for mobile:
    Ensure that pages load quickly across all devices and that the site is both secure and reliable. Particularly on mobile devices, consumers communicate with search engines to get things done. Any friction on this process will severely diminish the chances of success.

    Foundation Strategy
    You should attach great importance to foundation strategy all the time. To make sure the frame and structure are reasonable and readable for both search engine bots and human. And good content play an important role for a positive connection between brand and its audiences. 

    Here are some tips to ensure that your brand connects through content:
    - Analyze search intent
    Cross-reference landing page and search query level data to pinpoint what consumers are looking for, and whether your site delivers on these expectations. Partnering with the right SEO technology will help to dig into these trends further and also identify opportunities at a broader scale.

    -Create the right content formats
    As you now, when you start searching by taping some certain keywords, Google will return to multiple search results. And the formats range from video, map, photo, text...Search is a multimedia interface now, and it is increasingly competitive, so it is important to be efficient with content production.

    Though the basic rules of SEO don't change too much over years and years, we still need to focus on the development and innovation of search engine. It is become harder and harder to find and keep users, so don't give up any good way to improve user's experience. We know you want to get your website known to more people, and increase your app search ranking rapidly. But the very step should be understanding your users and pandering to their needs. Read more aso optimization guides at tapaso.com!


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