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  • How Developers Create an ASO Strategy in 2018

    Published: 2018-08-02 16:21:16 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    As you know, there were 1.75 million apps in the Apple app store and 2 million apps in the Google Play store three years ago. But now we can see the amount of apps across both platforms rise to an overwhelming 5.8 million. How developers create an ASO strategy and get their apps in front of them? Keep your eyes on Tapaso.com to find the answer. Besides, we are offering best aso app store optimization service to help your app stand out in the crowd app store.

    In order to position your app for optimal discoverability, developers must first understand who their audience is and what they are searching for. Most would be surprised to find that what they think are core terms tied to their app might be very different from what users actually type into their search bars.

    Developers can utilize proprietary data technology from companies to check their current rankings for specific keywords, as well as the popularity of the term. With this data, they can then target these terms in their metadata. Apple offers developers a keyword bank of 100 characters that they can directly target, while Google crawls an app’s metadata to find words that it should rank for. As it crawls from left to right, placement of the key terms is just as important as choosing them.

    In an iOS listing, an app has a title of 30 characters, while Google allows 50 characters. In addition to the primary title, Apple also offers a subtitle (30 characters) and promotional text area (170 characters), which is displayed in the same area as the description. Similarly, Google leaves 80 characters for a short description area. The title is a key area to increase visibility as it is the first thing users read and communicates what the core function of the app is. For iOS in particular, developers can essentially consider this area as another keyword bank.

    Both stores allow up to 4,000 characters for their descriptions, where developers can reinforce their keyword choices and describe what makes their app valuable to users. This area is key to driving conversions home for quality users who are carefully considering which app to download. However, Google crawls descriptions left to the right, so make sure that keywords are positioned at the beginning of the sentence. Be sure to incorporate a mix of high and low volume keywords that your users are searching for. Additionally, if your keywords not fully relevant to your app, you will have a harder time indexing for them.

    Users only spend 3-5 seconds on average looking at your app store listing, so the icon must instantly hook them while also communicating core features of the app. Study what colors and imagery work best in your industry or with your target demographic, shapes, etc.

    From this article, you will find that the nature of the app stores is always going to be constantly evolving, which means that developers must always strategize their next move in app store optimization. You should pay close attention to changes in trends and updates that come to the app stores, so you are always prepared to accommodate the user experience.

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