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  • Best Tips to Optimize Your Keyword List for SEO

    Published: 2019-01-31 11:26:18 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    Evaluating and optimizing your lists on a regular basis keeps your content high up in search engine rankings. Best practices change from year to year based on Google’s changes and user habits. Now tapaso will share the best App Store SEO tips to help you keep your content among the top results and bring in more visitors.

    1. Map Your Keywords to the Buying Journey
    Not every potential customer starts their journey with the exact product they want in mind. Your keywords should be targeting everyone whose interests match the content on your website.

    2. Use a Keyword Optimization Checklist to Build Your Lists
    Keeping track of every aspect of keyword optimization can be overwhelming. Every section of your website should be taken into account, from subheadings to meta titles. That’s why having a checklist is essential. Having a structured workflow makes your job much easier. That’s why you should follow a plan when you’re working on your keyword list.

    3. Focus on Mobile Keywords
    People don’t use the same queries to search across all platforms. So the most popular keywords can change depending on the device the user is searching from. Make sure you take both versions into account when optimizing for smartphone and tablet users.

    Optimize your Google My Business page and make sure your NAP information is accurate so your company shows up when users are looking for businesses in your niche.

    4. Conduct a Keyword Audit
    Use a checklist to come up with new keywords to bring in a third party to check your work. This is where online SEO auditing tools like Woorank and SEO Site Checkup come into play. Such tools check your on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and even your website’s mobile usability.

    You can also conduct audits periodically on old content that’s still ranking for a solid number of keywords, but might need an update to perform better.

    5. Keep an Eye on Keyword Trends
    A trend can lead to a big boost in traffic if you know how to leverage it. Some keyword research tools, like Soovle, can identify the trending words of the day for you.

    If any of them are relevant to your niche, add them to your list. Just don’t forget to clean up the list every once in a while so that your previously trending keywords don’t pile up. Google Correlate is one of the best ways to discover seasonal trends and come up with fresh keyword ideas.

    6. Track Your Internal Site Search
    Some of the best keywords might have been right under your nose this whole time, specifically on your own website. Looking at these queries can help you learn about how people are using your site and get keyword ideas that you’d never think of otherwise. Plus, if you find that some searches are followed by the customer leaving the website, you can create content that matches those terms.

    In the end, we hope that these six tips can give your traffic a significant boost. The next time you manage your keyword list, use these guidelines to breathe some new life into your strategy. Do you want to know how to promote your app? Welcome to tapaso.com to get free app store ASO tips. Also, we offer professional ASO service to boost your app rank higher! 


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