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  • Use Videos to Market Your iOS Apps Efficiently

    Published: 2015-05-19 17:28:30 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    Both app development and app store optimization (ASO) are tough tasks. For all the developers, appropriate app marketing strategy is the direct method to ensure the success of apps in the marketplace. Aside from so many aspects for ios app store optimization including keywords, icons, titles, descriptions, screenshot, reviews, and ratings, there are many other key elements you can also make use of. Today, we will introduce you one of them – videos.

    Video, without doubt, is the best thing which can present your app in the shortest time, in its best light, showing what is unique about it and why people want to try it. Great videos can help potential clients understand yours apps better and boost apps downloads

    1. Make full use of Video Ads. There are two important video ads you can take advantage of. Facebook video ads and Youtube video ads. No one will ignore the decisive elements for increase ios app store download.

    - Facebook Video Ads Facebook ads have been around for a while, and video ads have now been added. It is really easy to set up a campaign: choose who you want to target, your budget, upload your video, choose your thumbnail, select a call to action and that’s it. The power of Facebook video ads resides in the fact that you can target very precisely who you want to reach: age, gender, location, language and, of course, also interests or even behaviors.

    - YouTube. YouTube video ads, a part of mobile app install campaigns Google offers developers, let you target people that are viewing content relevant to your app. This means you can target specific video topics, demographics, interests, channels or even videos. You can also reach viewers based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel.

    2. Think about YouTube & app store seo. YouTube is the second-most popular search engine in the world after Google. Having a video of your app ranking high in YouTube can have several benefits: You can get potential users excited via your video; You control what is said about your app and how it’s presented; You have the chance for your video to show up high in app store search ranking. If your app is available on several platforms and devices, try and communicate that, at least in your call to action.

    One of the important things is of course to have a compelling video of good quality. The more views you get and the higher the engagement with your video. By optimizing the title, keywords and descriptions further and following our app store optimization tips, you can reach people when they are searching for keywords in your app’s niche.

    3 On the Apple App Store. There you do have some specific guidelines you need to follow for those App Previews: 15 to 30 seconds, device specific, mostly based on captured footage, etc. As always, it’s an efficient way to communicate what’s unique and magical about your app and one of the first thing users see in the search results and on your app details page.

    The best you can do is to follow these tips for app store search optimization below:
    - Use some text (text cards or overlay) to emphasize the main points. Don’t overuse it though; App Previews are about showing the app
    - Don’t go too fast: people need to understand what’s happening
    - Add “touch hotspots”: a nub/circle that indicates where the taps happen.
    - Make sure you stay within (or close to) the guidelines

    4. Create an app website or landing page. If you don’t have a website or a landing page for your app, go fix that, especially if your app is available on several platforms. It is a place where you want to get people excited about your app. If your app is not released yet, you want people to sign up to get notified of the launch. If it’s already available, you want people to go to one of the app stores to download it.

    Combine the video optimization with other basic app store optimization service, you will have great chance to get the best result! What’s more, don’t forget to adjust your ios app store optimization according to the app store algorithm! Of course, if you are not so good at it, contact us for some professional advice and services!


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