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  • These Methods Get Your App Visible in the Top Charts

    Published: 2015-05-26 17:09:13 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    Have you apply app store optimization to your new-developed apps? If so, what is the result? Well, we guess most people will say “it is not as magical as we thought before”. It is true that ASO is a tough task just like app development, which requires a great amount of time and energy to invest. You want your app becomes next Flappy Bird by implementing aso? It is possible but quite difficult except for creating an excellent app. We are here to introduce you some app store optimization tips to better your app ranking and improve downloads. 

    There are analytics tools in the marketplace can help app publishers look at their own results, but they can also be used to research, monitor and benchmark similar apps. Conducting a competitive analysis and diving deep into competitor data can help you optimize your ASO efforts, resulting in increased traffic, higher app store keyword ranking, and increasing app downloads!

    - Target Audience. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what type of user your competitor’s app attracts? Knowing the age, gender, income and education level of users of successful apps in your category can help you make important decisions when developing and promoting your app, right? Thankfully, tracking tools are able to provide all of this info about your competitors.

    - Category rankings. Categories on app stores are used to group similar apps together and help people find new apps. Publishers are required to select one or two of the preset categories on stores. When focusing on app store seo, it is essential to look at your own and your competitors’ category ranking so that you show up in search results. 

    Improving your vertical ranking can also help you with discovery by getting your app into the app store’s related app suggestions:
    - Keyword Rankings. Keywords impact your ranking in organic app store search results. For new and veteran app publishers, app store search optimization can help you select the best keywords and there’s no better place to start your search than looking directly at your competitors!

    - Screenshots & App Preview Videos. Screenshots play a big role in getting users to notice your app in search results and click through to your app page. In addition to screenshots, app promotional videos show people your app in action and play a major role in driving downloads.

    - App Updates and Releases. Starting from a technical point of view, it is always useful to refresh your app and upload it again to stores. When publishers update new source code, their apps are also re-enlisted under the “New and Updated” apps in Google Play and “Best New Apps” on the Apple Store, which is a free chance to show up on the home page! Monitoring your competition can help you update and leverage this opportunity in the best way possible.

    We are sure that we did not cover all the aspects in this article which can help you your apps appear in the top charts. However, you can check our our site for more guides for how to do app store optimization. Besides, contact us for more professional app store optimization service and advice!


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