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  • Slashy Souls Game Being Launched As One of Popular Dark Souls Series

    Published: 2016-03-01 16:16:58 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    This new mobile game which named Slashy Souls released based on the Dark Souls series, and it will be available on iOS and Android. We would like to share more details for you. What’s more, if you got your own app to launch in app store, then you definitely will need professional app store optimization service provided on our website.

    In Slashy Souls, players command a knight on the run from an encroaching dark fog, avoiding traps and fighting with monsters. Tapping the screen has the knight perform an attack. Swipes cause them to jump or roll in the direction of the swipe, allowing one to leap over obstacles or dodge attacks. And, like the rest of the Souls games, it's rather difficult at the outset, with a visual language that needs to be learned and no pity for those who aren't prepared. Truth be told, it's been kicking my butt most of the morning. But, as with other titles in the series, I find it just as challenging to not blame myself for losing. The controls are responsive and accurate, I'm just terrible at it.

    Slashy Souls reimagines the traditional Dark Souls gameplay experience as an endless runner mobile game, embracing nostalgia-inducing 16-bit graphics rather than attempting to create a fully 3D experience. While the gameplay looks closer to games like Temple Run and Robot Unicorn Attack than a full-fledged Dark Souls game, Slashy Souls will feature a number of spells, weapons, and bosses that will be familiar to fans of the From Software’s punishing series of RPGs.

    Those looking to play the game will be pleased to hear that Bandai Namco has commited to making the game free-to-play and that Slashy Souls is available now in the respective app stores of its platforms. Some might even consider the fact that Slashy Souls is a game far removed from the actual Dark Souls universe a good thing, as From Software’s story-telling has become widely regarded as one of the most convoluted narratives in modern gaming. Bandai Namco is even offering fans $10,000 to explain the Dark Souls story, a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment of the series’ narrative shortcomings.

    Hope these information will help you know better about this game, even if you want to try this game, get it in the app store. By the way, we keep proving service for iOS trending searches promotion. Contact us to know more if you need!


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