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  • What Apps Developers Should Consider to Make Gaming Apps Attractive

    Published: 2017-01-09 17:09:59 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    There are various apps in the mobile app marketing, gaming apps play very important role in the market. Users may not choose apps for daily life, however, they definitely will choose one or two game apps to enjoy. And gaming apps get more chances to be successful in the marketing, like the popular Pokemon Go. What we would like to introduce for today is about the development for gaming apps to help app designers take some methods to make the apps more attractive. And if you need professional app store optimization service to make your app rank higher in the app store, Tapaso definitely will be a great choice for you to boost app downloads!

    Here you can check the popular development will take place in 2017:

    Ionic framwork is used for developing mobile game apps in 2016, app designers will still using this to developmet apps in 2017. This framework has optimum specifications that allow it to work perfectly on the latest devices in the market. As a framework, Ionic also allows mobile game app developers to create complex gaming apps with much ease. The framework works well with both iOS and Android gaming platforms.

    In developing gaming apps in 2017, developers will be keen to continue using LBS. This is mainly due to the availability of GPS on mobile devices. Today, nearly all mobile devices have GPS, thus, making it easy for game developers to incorporate LBS when developing game apps in 2017. It makes gaming quite easy and interesting since the location of the player can be tracked to help in improving his/her gaming experience.

    Another major concern in the year 2017 will be incorporation virtual reality. If you think about the new Dragon Ninja Rush, you will know for sure that VR has its place in the gaming world in the year 2017. It is a technique that improves the gaming experience of many players.

    Major development in the gaming app will be the introduction of Android instant apps. When Google announced it would allow Android apps to run instantly, there was bound to be excitement by mobile gaming apps developers. In 2017, you will be able to run your gaming app instantly without downloading the app. With a single tap, you will be able to play your favorite game like the Dragon Ninja Rush. This feature makes it easy to play games on the go.

    Hope what we shared here will be useful to know better about the game app marketing. We will keep updating more related and further information then. What’s more, professional ios trending searches service also is available on our site to make your apps visible in the trending search section. Wish you good luck 2017!


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