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  • Why You Need App Store SEO to Drive App Downloads

    Published: 2017-05-18 12:17:16 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    In general, users like to search apps by two ways: one is to find the app by keywords, another is to find apps in the top 10 list of app store. That means your app should have the right keywords and higher app rank. How to choose keywords and boost ios trending searches? App store seo must be helpful. 

    Without doubt users searching in the app store will continuously come to your app organically if your app can rank highly in the search results for a relevant keyword. When your app shows up in the number one spot for a keyword search, the user's first impression is that it must be the best. And you can know how to choose the right keywords with app store aso guides. Ensuring that your app ranks high for specific search terms is a good place to start if you want more app downloads.  

    It is wise to add keywords to app title and app description. You can maximize the effect each keyword has on your ranking is to repeat it 3-5 times throughout the description without sounding too spammy. Keywords that are closer to the top will also have slightly more weight in the search algorithm, so put your best and most relevant keywords in app description first. And keywords in your title will be tracked and given more weight. Apple allows for 50 characters in your title while Google allows only 30, so make them count. 

    Your keywords are entered into a specific keyword field limited to 100 characters long, and each keyword is separated by a comma. Since keywords in the description have no bearing on your ratings in the Apple App Store, this keyword field determines how most of your keywords are tracked.

    Actually, app downloads and app rank interrelate each other. An app with more downloads will rank higher in search and the higher app rank can get more app downloads. At the same time. app store optimization must be necessary. And if you need aso services, tapaso.com must be your best choice. Our professional team won't let you down! 


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