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  • Professional ASO Guides - The Key To A Higher App Rank

    Published: 2017-09-28 17:15:06 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    There are over millions of apps in app store. However, every app maker want to get his app into top 10 in app store. How to achieve this goal? Both top aso services and app store aso guides can also be helpful.

    Actually, all the app makers must know aso app store optimization because it becomes more and more important in mobile app industry. Without doubt keywords must be the important part of ASO. You can analysis your competitors and potential users firstly to know what keywords you need. 

    Then you can choose the keywords have lower search volume and lower competition and rank well by some professional app store optimization tools, such as Sense Tower, Search Man, Appannie, etc. This way is to find the best keywords for your app increase rankings quickly. The higher your app keywords ranks in an app store’s search results,the more visible it is to potential customers.

    Screenshots and Videos
    App screenshots and videos are very important visual assets to catch users' attention. Users actually prefer looking at your screenshots rather than reading your description. It's faster, easier and brings your app to life. Use all available screenshots slots (5 for Apple and 8 for Google) to leverage your conversion potential. Showcase your best features and focus on the first seconds of the video to grab user's attention.

    Of course, your visual material needs to be high-res, very well-designed and optimized for each screen size. In the search results, your first two screenshots are displayed (or the first one and your app video). Ensure that these first screenshots showcase your best features and most important benefits. A great trick is to focus on a single feature per screenshot while using a short overlay descriptive text above (or below) in order to highlight the key elements.

    Update Regularly 
    Apple looks askance at apps which are not updated in a long time. Like Google which rewards sites that are updated frequently, regularly updated apps tell Apple that the developer is committed to providing a better user experience. You also need to update your apps to comply with changes in Apple policy as well as see the app store optimization changes you are making reflected in your app store listing. Apps that are either obsolete or abandoned face deletion from App Store.

    Search Ads in the App Store
    According to recently released App Store search ads data, conversion rates on search ads are averaging at 50% for both major and indie app developers. This translated to cost per install of 25 cents which works out to be 80% cheaper than ads on other platforms. You can sign up for the Apple App Store ads platform and start driving traffic with a $100 credit.

    Don't stop moving in app store seo because it is a long-term work. And if you want to boost app ranking immediately, our professional aso services must be a good choice. Contact tapaso now! 


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