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  • Antihero - The New Digital Board Game in 2018 You Can't Miss

    Published: 2018-01-04 10:22:02 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    Maybe someone are enjoying their holidays. However, some app makers can't wait to launch their apps to attract more users. Such as the new Digital Board Game named Antihero, which was released yesterday. Some players may have played the PC version before. And what about the mobile version? Read the following contents for more details. And top aso services and app store seo guides also available at tapaso.com

    According to the official announcement, we can know players run a thieves guild as you attempt to gain enough victory points to defeat either the AI or a human opponent in?Antihero. You can gradually use that character to burgle for gold and scout the map. Using the Master Thief's abilities, you begin to build your economy, which will get you gold and lanterns each turn. The gold can be used to hire new gang members (urchins, thugs, Saboteurs, etc) while the lanterns are used to research various upgrades, which include things like giving your Master Thief an extra turn, getting more gold per house you burgle, and many more.

    You can try your luck at the story-driven campaign mode, or compete against the AI or other players in PvP casual and ranked multiplayer matches. The goal of each match is to burgle houses, infiltrate businesses, or sneak into estates to plunder the most goods before your opponent snatches them for themselves. You do this by hiring various criminal such as master thieves, saboteurs, street urchins and more to do your dirty work. Set up traps, assassinate the competition, or start a street gang -- just do whatever it takes to move your way to the top of the underworld.

    To win in Antihero, you have to collect a specific number of Victory points, but those victory points could come from all kinds of actions, including taking out a specific character, completing a scenario-specific action, or even buying one of the very expensive Victory points. All these variations make for a very entertaining strategy game that will keep you on your toes the whole time you play it. And the game doesn't include dice, so you won't have to curse your luck when you see your plan fall apart simply because of a bad dice roll.

    You can download Antihero in App Store and experience its amazing plots by yourself. Stay tuned the latest mobile game news at tapaso.com. Besides that, never miss our professional aso services to get app installs. You deserve the best ios trending searches service here!  


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