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  • What The New Features of Pokémon Go's New Update Version

    Published: 2018-02-06 18:52:44 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    According to the official announcement, we can know Pokémon Go's new update version will come soon. The official announced the update version would be available on iOS and Android version. Read the following parts for more details. BTW, tapaso.com can also be your best choice if you need top aso services and app store seo guides. 

    Niantic announced this new version includes improved in-game features. Secondly, it will allow trainers to use "Shiny", which are a rare breed of Pokémon. Other than that, the game will come updated with the regular bug fixes and performance updates.

    They're neat features, but that's about it. However, just like with most Pokemon GO updates, a lot is hiding in the metadata. Let's see what the dataminers from the Silph Road subreddit have unearthed. Among the new features which have come in this updated version of the game, Quest Challenges got an overhaul. It has now been divided into two parts. There is the Story Quest and Challenge Quest. Moreover, now instead of two, there are ten quests. These quests will have new characters and among one of them is professor Willow. The characters will also have different expressions. As of now, only two are available which are "Happy" and "Sad".

    Among other things, it seems that Niantic is reworking the energy bar, adding “new Pokedex Display buttons for Deoxys and Castform”, and other stuff. That being said, the most exciting stuff that the dataminers have unearthed revolves around quests. It would appear that Niantic is planning some major reworks to the quests. So far, all we had were the daily “quests” of the first daily spin and catch. For starters, there are two types that appear in the metadata: STORY_QUEST and CHALLENGE_QUEST. 

    There's also brand new objectives, including hatching eggs, walking Buddy Pokemon, winning gym battles and completing raid battles, and so on. Another feature included in the Quest are various pre-conditions. Therefore, all the above quests will require various conditions to unlock the quest. 

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