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  • ASO Tips And Strategies of How to Get More App Downloads

    Published: 2018-05-09 12:18:06 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    What's the biggest concern as an app creator? Your answer is definitely the app download. Now here are some app store seo strategies of how to double your app downloads. Hope you can get useful message from this text. Besides that, top aso services also available here. 

    Analyze Customer 
    Incorporating an app into a user's digital habits would thus naturally increase the frequency of usage of that app. The frequency of app use can be derived from sessions per user, typically highest for social and communications apps. Sessions per user is also useful in indicating customer satisfaction and revenue growth in many other verticals, such as quick-serve restaurants, finance and banking, ride-sharing and shopping. Besides that, time spent per user is another pivotal indicator for apps that seek to deliver an immersive experience to users, such as entertainment and video, education, media and even shopping. Essentially, the longer a user stays in-app, the greater the likelihood of them making a purchase.

    Appealing Icon 
    Your app icon and cover suitable to your app, should be clearly sound about your app. People will definitely judge your app by its icon and cover. The app icon plays the important part in ASO because it is the first impression that people have about your app. To create a quick recognition for your app, use app logo as an app icon. So, design a simple and memorable icon that immediately conveys the audience. It really boosts your downloads. If conversions increase on websites because of high-quality and attractive images, you can bet the same principle's at work in the App Store. It focuses on the app design principles to keep in mind when creating your app icon and splash image. It will increase your downloads and will also improve reviews and ratings.

    Proper Keywords 
    In order for your app to be downloaded, it needs to be visible to your target audiences. When they run a search for something your app can do, your app needs to show up in the results. Here's why keywords are so important. Selecting the right keywords ensures that your app is displayed to your target audience. Firstly, you should think about what they would search for in order to find a problem solution. You can even analyze the traffic to your app and check what search terms your visitors have used. Once you have made a list of these keywords, then select the most proper keywords by some app store aso tools, such as Sensor Tower, Search Man, Appannie, etc. 

    Regularly Update and Upgrade
    Keep a regular update for your app, one side, it will make your users feel they are concerned, their problems are fixed and their suggestions are adopted. This will be helpful to encourage them stick and engage with your app. On the other side, it also sends a signal to the app store and let them know you are keeping spending time and energy in improving your app experience. This is very helpful to maintain and boost app ranking. 

    Never miss these useful aso optimization strategies to boost your app rank in seo app store. In addition, our aso services can also get your app rank into top 1 of app store safely and fast. And if you have any question or suggestion, please leave messages to us. 


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