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  • PixelJunk Eden Obscura Will Be Available on Mobile Devices Soon

    Published: 2018-05-15 18:31:10 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    According to the official announcement, the popular PixelJunk series' mobile games named PixelJunk Eden Obscura will be launched on iOS and Android devices. And Eden Obscura will be arriving on iOS at the end of this week on May 18th. The android version will be available on Junes 1st . Read the following contents for more details. BTW, top aso services and app store seo guides also available here.
    If you have never played through PixelJunk Eden, let me briefly fill you in. It works a lot like any other 2D platformer, but instead of primarily jumping around each stage you will have to control your character as it swings from flower-like objects. You do this so you can reach the more inaccessible areas that contain the dot-like Spectras scattered throughout each stage. Collection is the name of the game as you don't want to leave any of those Spectras behind. The more dots you collect, the more stages you unlock.

    The DJ and multimedia artist responsible for the trippy visuals and chill tunes in both PixelJunk Eden and Eden Obscura (among many others), expanded on that by announcing that an Android version will follow shortly after the iOS release and should be arriving June 1st. The timing is not all that surprising seeing as Eden Obscura was originally announced and first shown off in a playable state at last year's BitSummit show, so it feels like things are coming full circle with the release dates coming at this year's event. 

    Currently, the official didn't announce the details of gameplay. After all, this is a mobile release that currently doesn't have a trailer available to show off its gameplay. I'm a little worried about this because the musical composer/producer Tomohisa Kuramitsu (better known as Baiyon) has clearly stated that the mobile release will be free-to-play. That could mean many things including free-to-try with a premium in-app purchase unlock, but until it hits the Play Store, we will have to sit patiently while waiting to find out exactly how it will be monetized. At the very least the iOS release on May 18th should give us a better idea of what to expect when it hits our platform in June.

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