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  • Tapaso Shares Several Ways To Make Your Content More Attractive

    Published: 2018-06-15 16:41:45 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    Are you tired of spending much time to create your content? As we all know, content plays an important role in App Store ASO or SEO for Website, so making an attractive and high-quality article is critical to app/website makers. Today tapaso will share some ways to tell you how to create a good content for saving your time. 

    1.Make Content Relevant to Your Market
    Create content relevant to your market that is better than the existing content for a particular set of keywords. That often means writing long-form authoritative content, content that can compete with professional publications for depth and accuracy. Everything else -- performance, on-page optimization, technical optimization, social media promotion -- should build on that core asset.

    2.Pillar articles are important
    When you write a lot of content, sometimes Google gets confused as to what to prioritize. That's why pillar articles are important. These are very detailed articles that show how to do something. To take it one step further and become a Google favorite, create a table of contents in the beginning of the article that links to the different sections of the post.

    3.Make sure your keywords are proper and appropriate
    It goes without saying that you should always make sure that your keywords are proper and appropriate given the current Google guidelines. After finding the correct density, focus on clear and concise writing. Do not get too caught up in the technical requirements since, depending on your product, the readability of your writing may be what actually converts the sale -- not just a keyword-optimized page. 

    4.Add Consistent Quality Content to Your Blog
    One of the best ways I have found is to add consistent quality content to your blog. Think about what people are searching for and do some basic keyword research and provide a quality blog about the topic delivering value. This will help you in multiple ways, including generating additional free traffic to your business, plus delivering value to your readers.

    5.Add all tags and meta descriptions
    Make sure to maximize the character limits for all tags and meta descriptions. I'll do this by adding qualifiers to the titles of articles such as "important" or "shocking," as well as adding the current year for updated articles. It also helps to add numbers to both the title and meta description. With a robust title like this and a meta description to match, I can easily reach the second or third listing on the first page of a Google search. 

    6.Optimize user experience
    Many traditional App Store SEO factors such as links and keywords are still important. But Google is, more and more, emphasizing user experience. This includes page loading speed, appealing design, being mobile friendly and having an intuitive menu. You really can't lose by focusing on UX because it makes your visitors happy and is also good for SEO.

    If you want to learn more aso app store optimization tips or need a professional app store optimization services company, then tapaso should be the right place to meet your needs. We are the best ASO company to offer top ASO service, why not contact us to have a try? We never let you down!


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