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  • Tapaso: 5 Things to Avoid When Doing SEO

    Published: 2018-07-13 17:06:40 | Clicks:1 | Author: TapAso

    Every SEOer should know that SEO plays an important role in marketing. However, it is not all businesses that are suitable in SEO. Today Tapaso will bring an article about what things you should avoid when you are ready to do SEO for your business. BTW, we are offering professional app store aso service to help your app stand out in the crowd app store.

    1. Low keyword volume
    There’s not much point in achieving first page Google rankings for keywords that are searched for only a handful of times a month. If the most relevant keywords for your business have minimal volume, then you’re unlikely to reach the critical mass of click-throughs necessary to generate ROI for your SEO investment.

    2. Small local market
    If your business serves a small or midsize market—a dental practice, restaurant, etc.—then standard SEO will not work because keywords targeting your specific market will lack sufficient volume to generate ROI. In this situation consider a local SEO campaign, which is a specialized type of SEO involving different techniques than what are important for a standard (that is, a national-scope) SEO campaign.

    3. Strong competition
    If your maximum SEO budget is $1,000 per month and you’re up against competitors spending $20,000 per month, your chances of getting high rankings for strategically important keywords will hover somewhere around zero. SEO in certain industries, such as insurance and banking, is dominated by a few big players with very deep pockets. You may be able to compete on keywords that fly under their radar, but you’ll need very sophisticated keyword/competitive research to determine whether even this could be successful.

    4. Small budget
    SEO takes more than a few hundred dollars a month to succeed. Producing and marketing content, scouring the territory for link-building opportunities, developing new tactics, and a host of other tasks require a great deal of time and expertise. SEO does not lend itself to mechanical, assembly-line, formulaic execution. How much is enough? The answer to that depends largely on the competition and the current state of your organic search visibility, but as a rule of thumb you can figure it will cost at least $1,000 a month to move the dial.

    5. A radically new product or service
    Companies offering something really new have many exciting marketing options to choose from—but SEO is not one of them. If you’ve got something people are not familiar with, then they won’t be searching for it online. Once the market has become familiar with your offering and you have a critical mass of brand recognition, SEO could be a great option. Meantime, save those precious marketing dollars for options with a better payoff. If you have any doubt about whether SEO will work for your organization, then the best course of action is to invest in professional preliminary research to properly evaluate the opportunity and cost.

    Finally, what I want to say is that before you do SEO, you should think about these situations. Tapaso is a trustworthy aso app store optimization company that offers you lots of free app store aso tips and provides you top aso service, we never let you down!


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